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All batches, great looks

Outstanding packaging: beautiful, up to date and well designed.

In co-operation with you, our full COLORCAN concept helps us to develop packaging  that will strengthen your market position. With our printing techniques or high end labelling possibilities we are able to create a unique look and feel. Therefore we stick to our promise:

“ All Batches, great looks! ”

Because it is our goal to meet our customers needs by means of excellent service, our organisation evolved to a full service supplier of packaging. With the support of our different service departments you can decide what you let us do and what you do yourself. The ultimate service would be that you only have to fill and close your packaging.

Product portfolio

All our tin can packaging can be decorated through our COLORCAN concept (see review here below). For further specifications per type of packaging and the possibilities, you can refer to our supplementary brochures.

Cylindrical tin can packaging incl. lid125ml up to and incl. 5 liter
Cylindrical tin can packaging incl. screw top125ml up to and incl. 30 liter
Rectangular tin can packaging125ml up to and incl. 30 liter
Conical tin can packaging2,5 liter up to and incl. 30 liter
Aerosol tin can packaging100ml up to and incl. 750ml
Seamed lid tin can packaging250ml up to and incl. 2,5 liter
Two-component tin can packaging500 ml up to and incl. 14 liter

Advantages of Hildering COLORCAN print services:

  • Everything in one hand: from concept to end product
  • Hence, low development costs and short lead times
  • The same appearance: from small to large batches
  • Optimal balancing of your needs, thus having low stock
  • Test and niche markets are easy to reach because of high quality, also in small batches
  • Supply chain cost reduction. All you have to do is fill your cans
  • All batches, great looks is our solution to help you, so your product will always stand out on the shelf
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